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The Best Protective Accessories for Zebra Phones

Zebra has some of the best enterprise touch computer devices in the market. They offer a lot of functionality that are useful across different industries. Strike offers protective accessories such as rugged cases and screen protectors to secure Zebra devices.

For instance, the Zebra TC51 has an efficient hex-core processor. This allows the device to use up to 15% power. It also has a capacitive touch panel that allows your employees to work easily on the flexible multi-touch operation even when they are wearing gloves or using a stylus. The Zeba TC51/TC56 series is backed by an ecosystem of support, software, and services designed to help your business stay competitive in the tech-driven market.

The Strike Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Zebra TC51/52/56/57 will double the protection on your screens to ensure that your Zebra TC51/52/56/57’s screen can withstand rough usage and a tough environment. It will help absorb shock if the device is dropped accidentally. All this without affecting the responsive touch censoring of the Zebra mobile device. There will still be a clear full view of the skin even with the glass protector on.

The Zebra EC50 and EC55 are other notable devices from the brand. They are the thinnest and lightest Zebra enterprise mobile computers that come with an integrated scanner. One of the notable features of these devices is that they have the look and portability of a mobile phone, but they are packed with business features that help with productivity. The Zebra EC50 and EC55 come with “Mobility DNA” which is the most high-tech and extensive selection of modern software tools that elevates the performance of these devices.

The Strike Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Zebra EC50 and Strike Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Zebra EC55 offers an extra layer of protection for the Zebra EC50 and EC55. This glass screen protector is specifically made to prevent scratches, damages, scrapes and cosmetic damages on your Zebra screen that comes with daily usage, especially on the field and other tough environments. The protector allows your employees to be more comfortable using the device without worrying about causing too much damage to the screen, allowing them to fully maximize their use.

Strike has protective screens for a wide variety of mobile device models. Check out other screen protectors here.
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