Tough Cases for Outdoor Applications

Smartphones are continuously improving and becoming more expensive. Usually, the modern design of a smartphone involves glass exterior. High-end smartphones aren’t designed to survive falls from below a few feet generally. You don’t even have to drop your phone on a rocky floor to attain damages. Your phone screen can still suffer from cracks even when dropped on a flat surface.

You can prevent these by using a rugged case. These heavy-duty cases are bulkier than normal, and some also provide aesthetic for everyday applications. Using a tough protective sleeve is recommended if you’re exploring outdoor activities. Whether it’s for hiking, kayaking, or skateboarding, these phone cases will protect your device from damages.

LifeProof Rugged Case

LifeProof Next Case for Samsung Galaxy S20 (Black Crystal)

LifeProof is known for its protective cases made for the outdoors. The LifeProof Next case range is designed dirtproof, dropproof, and snowproof. If you’re going out for something a little extreme like skiing and hiking, you can try LifeProof Next.

OtterBox Rugged Case

OtterBox Defender Case for Apple iPhone 11 Pro (Black)

OtterBox is a known rugged case for their thick and heavy exterior that coats your device like a tank. The OtterBox Defender range is designed with a multi-layer defence that protects your phone from heavy damage against drops, bumps, and dirt. It’s specifically made to survive as many drops as outlined in the military standard (MIL-STD-810G 516.6).

Strike Rugged Cases

Strike offers a wide variety of rugged cases that provide optimum protection for the latest smartphones. You can choose from their line of Armour cases, Folio cases, Iron cases, Slim cases, and Rugged cases.

From left: Rugged Case for Apple iPhone 12 and 12 Pro (Black), iPhone 12 Clear Armour Case (Black), Strike Samsung Galaxy S20/S20 5G Folio Case (Black), Samsung Galaxy S20+/S20+ 5G Iron Case (Rose Gold)

Strike’s Rugged Case is designed with dual-layer protection. This case range is suitable for enterprise use since it’s built to meet field workers’ demands. It’s also designed to meet military drop-test standards to minimise damages from accidental drops and bumps. It has an additional kickstand feature so you can use your device in a horizontal orientation.

The Armour case range from Strike is also equipped with dual-layer protection. This rugged case has reinforced corners that allow shock-resistant protection. The magnetic ring at the back provides 360 degrees’ rotation and can also be used as a kickstand.

Strike’s Iron case also boasts dual-layer protection. It is similar to the armour case since it also has a ring bracket that can be rotated by 360 degrees. This rugged case range is available in different colours, including rose gold, red, and black.

Meanwhile, the Folio case range is made with a leather exterior and soft TPU interior to protect your device from drops and scratches. Strike’s folio case features a flip cover with a 3-card holder and money pocket to keep your essentials on hand.

Lastly, is the Strike’s Slim case design. This protective sleeve provides enough protection for your device for regular daily activities. It is made light and slim so you can slide your device easily in your pockets. It is the perfect phone case if you’re looking for something that’s not too bulky.

Overall, these rugged cases will take you places without a worry in your next outdoor adventures. These tough cases guarantee to keep your device safe from unwanted scratches and bumps. Pair your smartphone with the perfect phone accessory from Strike! Choose which rugged case you would like to take on your outdoor activities.

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