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Strike iPhone 13 Pro Protective Case

Strike iPhone 13 Pro Protective Case


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Apple iPhone 13 Pro Clear Case from Strike is sleek, slim, and compact phone case. It protects your iPhone 13 Pro from dust and scratches. You won't even notice that you have a cover on your mobile phone!

This clear phone cover is form-fitting and specially made for the iPhone 13 Pro. It brings out the sophisticated and classic design of the Apple iPhone 13 Pro and protects it from everyday use. It is one of the best iPhone 13 Pro cases in the market today. This case fits your iPhone 13 Pro perfectly so it doesn't move and lets you grip and use your phone much easier.

This phone case is made with Strike quality which means it is not only durable, but also effective for protecting your phone. For complete mobile device protection, buy the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Screen Protector here.

Package Content

  • 1 x Strike iPhone 13 Pro Protective Case

Compatible Device

  • iPhone 13 Pro
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